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2,500 for the self-employed


This is immediate, non-repayable financial assistance of 2 500 € with the following characteristics:

  • It is valid for individuals working in their own name or for self-employed company managers (holding +25% of the company's capital);
  • It does not apply to doctors, health professionals such as masseurs, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc., as well as self-employed professional artists and entertainers;
  • The self-employed person's income used as a basis for calculating social security contributions for 2019 must not exceed 2.5 times the minimum social wage (i.e. €5,354.98 per month or €64,259.70 per year),
  • The workforce must not exceed 9 employees (including self-employed workers);
  • It cannot be combined with the financial aid of €5,000 introduced on 25 March 2020. (from which the self-employed person could benefit as a trader or the company's beneficial owner). To apply for the €2,500 grant as a self-employed person, you must therefore wait for a negative response from the Ministry of the Economy concerning the €5,000 grant;

If you would like we were responsible for drawing up the applicationIn order to process your application, please click on the link below "Please fill in my application" and send it to us:

  • A bank details form ;
  • The attached mandate form, duly completed and signed;
  • The letter from the Ministry of the Economy indicating the refusal of the €5,000 grant ;

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